Family Portraits

August 1994 c-xmas99

Left to Right : Harrison, Damon, Finesse, Barbarella, Murphy, and Kay

November 1997 c-xmas99

Left to Right : Harrison, Kay, Finesse, Barbarella, Isabelle, Damon, and Joule

December 1999 c-xmas99

Top Row : Kay, Damon, and Harrison
Middle : Joule, Kirsten, and Isabelle
Bottom : Finesse and Barbarella

November 2000 c-xmas00

Back row : Harrison, Kay, Joule, Isabelle, Lyekka, and Damon
Front row : Finesse

November 2001 c-xmas01

Back row : Damon and Kay
Middle row : Lyekka, Maggie, Joule, and Harrison
Front row : Finesse and Isabelle

December 2004 c-xmas04

Back row : Kay, Lyekka, and Nick
Middle : Damon with Bailey, and Maggie
Front row : Harrison, Joule, and Isabelle

December 2006 c-xmas06

Back row : Joule, Kay, Nick, Candee, Damon, and Bailey.
Front row : Isabelle

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