Teach your pet how to be a welcome member of the family - not a pest that is banned to a chain or kennel in the backyard never to be enjoyed or allowed in the house. We offer a variety of classes to suit your needs - all breeds, all ages.

Level 1 - Puppy Class - for ages 10 wks. to 5 months
Socialize your puppy in our puppy kindergarten class - help build their confidence on our puppy obstacles. You will also learn how to solve the problems that arise with a new puppy in the house - chewing, biting, digging, barking, jumping up etc. This course is 45 mins. per week for 6 weeks.

Level 2 - Beginners Class - for all ages over 5 months
We show you how to teach your dog the basic obedience exercises - coming when called, how to walk on a leash without a constant "tug of war", sits, downs, stays, etc. This course is 1 hour per week for 8 weeks.

Level 3 - Novice Class
This class will fine tune all of the basics that are learned in the beginner class as well as add a few more difficult exercises - distractions, hand signals, etc. This course is 1 hour per week for 8 weeks.

All teaching is done using food and/or toys. The key to success in training your dog is to keep it fun for everyone. All of the classes include an education session for the owners - tips on feeding, grooming, nail trimming, flea control, why crates are beneficial and not a place of punishment for your pet, why it is important for a dogs to be accustomed to handling - ears, feet, mouth, etc.


These classes are for the people with CKC registered dogs interested in competing at various levels of Obedience - Companion Dog, (CD), Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), Utility Dog (UD or Obedience Trial Champion OTCH)

Level 1 - Beginners Class
This is a more structured and disciplined class of beginner exercises - heeling, sits, downs, recalls, stands and stays - the foundation of all your show training. Owner education for feeding, grooming, etc. is also given in this class

Level 2 - Trial Prep Class
This class will fine tune all of the basics as well as add the more difficult exercises - heeling off lead, circles, figure 8s, hand signals and proofing for distractions in preparation for the show ring.

Open & Utility Class
The most advanced exercises for the highest levels of obedience trials - dumbbell retrieving, high jump, broad jump, drop on recall, out of sight sit and down stays, scent discrimination, seek back and directed jumping.

Private lessons, training dogs to assist the physically impaired and pet consultations for problem solving are also available.

Fully matted, heated/air conditioned building that is wheel chair accessible. All classes are limited size. Training equipment and pet supplies are sold on the premises.


* Have been instructing all breed training classes for over 25 years
* Licensed Obedience and Tracking Judge
* Shown and titled dogs in Canada, US and Bermuda
* Owned and trained:
        - Multiple High Scoring Dog in Trial
        - #1, #2 & #5 Obedience German Shepherd in Canada
        - #1, #3 & #10 Obedience Dog in the Herding Group in Canada
        - #4 & #9 All Breed Obedience Dog in Canada
* Won "Best in Event" while earning Tracking Title
* Instruct and attend various seminars to keep up with latest training methods
* Have trained dogs to work with and assist the physically impaired


  OTCh Tersha's Black Bartman           

    #4 All Breed Obedience Dog in Canada - 1997
    #9 All Breed Obedience Dog in Canada - 1998








                                                                                                           Ch. & MOTCH Paige of Tersha          


                                                                                                        #4 All Breed Obedience Dog in Canada - 2003                                                                 




This is just a few of our students....